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Welcome to Atari Fan Store !!!


This is the place when you can buy originally invented hardware for Atari 8 bit computers like SIO2SD, SIO2IDE, IDEa and for Atari ST series like SatanDisk. Most of these devices has been invented in Poland and are well known to Polish Atari Users. I created this small store to bring people from outside Poland possibility to buy and use these fantastic hardware.

In many cases this small store is only one place outside Poland where you are able to buy it. Almost all of these hardware are custom-made so if you're interested about some product please contact with me to get information or just buy them using paypal shopping cart integrated with this store. We will send your order to any place on the world.

If you already ordered one of these hardware and looking for some additional information please take a look to support section. There you will find some additional information, software or firmware update.

Happy buying !!!

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