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SatanDisk v3

$80 USD + H&S

SATANDISKThe SatanDisk is a first product here for 16-bit Atari. SatanDisk is HDD interface that allows you connect an SD or MMC card to the ACSI (Hard Disc) port of Atari ST serie computers. Has been successful tested with STFM (TOS 1.02), STE (TOS 2.06), Mega ST1 (TOS 1.02) and Mega STE (TOS 2.05) under HDDriver. More infromation you can find at SatanDisk project website http://joo.kie.sk/satandisk

Device specification:

  • Connects to ACSI port of Atari ST
  • Up to 1GB usable size of MMC/SD card . bigger SD card will works, but only present 1GB size in hard disk driver
  • HDDRIVER compatible
  • Use external power (7.5V to 9V DC, 300mA-500mA, connector 2.5mm inside diameter) with Negative Center !!!
  • Dimensions of PCB: 60 x 42 x 20 mm on double-sided PCB
What is included in SatanDisk kit:
  • SatanDisk v3 interface with power lost fix applied to firmware
  • Atari AHDI to SatanDisk connection wire (with DB25 converted to DB19)
  • DVD rom with software

P. Putnik prepered SD/Flash card image with almost 200 games to use with Satandisk/Ultrasatan. Please visit his website http://atari.8bitchip.info/DiskImgPP1.html and follow description on it.

I think that all people have some spare power supply in home which can be use to power SatanDisk.

This is SatanDisk within home made case


If you are interested to buy this device please use PayPal shopping cart located below. All devices presented in this store are made-to-order so please allow up to 2 weeks for build, test and deliver it to you (shipping time depend on shipping address). All our devices will be send to you by Post. H&S to whole world cost only $10 !!!!

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