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$80 USD basic + $10 H&S

     The SIO2IDE is a simple interface that allows you to attach any IDE Disk Drive or CF Card 1) to your 8-bit Atari computer. Latest interface version has the following main features:

  1. ATARI side:SIO2IDE
    • uses standard Atari SIO at a speed of 19200 baud
    • works with Atari High Speed SIO (US and Happy) at a speed of 52000 baud
    • emulates Atari disks D1: to D8: disk D1: can be swapped with Common disk D1: (HD1_ZW jumper, drive D9: in config file)
    • can be used with any Atari DOS and OS
    • can be used without any problems with other SIO devices (disk drivers, printers, modems, SIO2PC, second SIO2IDE etc)
    • can be easy installed inside your Atari with 2.5' laptop HD or CF card
    • is easy to configure via special fdisk.com utility software (changing disks sequence and active directory)
    • it use ATR files to emulate real floppy disk or hard drive
    • Doesn'tt work with Atari 800 !!!

      1) You have to use CF2IDE adapter to be able to connect CF card to SIO2IDE
  2. IDE device side:
    • all IDE ATA/ATAPI devices can be used: Disk Drives (2.5' and 3.5'), Compact Flash cards etc.
    • supports PC file systems, FAT16 and FAT32
    • supports CD file system, ISO9660
    • supports ATR disk images (SD, DD up to 16MB)
    • supports directory change (multiconfig)
    • is easy to configure, many text configuration files (sio2ide.cfg) can be stored in different directories
    • disk configuration can be checked by special checkfs.exe PC utility
      NOTE: checkfs.exe does NOT work with HDD connected via USB port
    • standard system disk utilities can be used (defrag.exe, scandisk.exe etc)
    • Long File Name (LFN) support for HDD
    • TEST mode for checking HDD initializations
    • supports Master/Slave IDE devices
    • disk defragmentation is not required
  3. USB port side:
    • interface works as Mass Storage Class device (removable drive)
    • no drivers are needed for Windows 2K, ME, XP
    • driver for Win98 is included in this SIO2IDE package
    • SIO2IDE in USB mode is not working with Linux !!!
What is included in SIO2IDE kit:
  • SIO2IDE interface with or without USB controller
  • DVD rom with software (almost 4GB ATR  files with games, programs and demos) and documentation.

The SIO2IDE interface is original invention of Polish electronics engineer and programmer Marek Mikolajewski.

My personal advice about SIO2IDE:

  • SIO2IDE with USB is nice but works only with Windows and is slow so better buy it without USB especialy if you using SIO2IDE with CF card
  • Use only good brand CF cards (most people use Kingston)
  • Don't use big disk drive or CF cards, becasue it's no point
  • Don't forget about Support section, there is few good documents about SIO2IDE
  • If you are looking to simple and easy device to load software from ATR images or you are less expierienced Atari user you should choose SIO2SD controller which is less complicated in use.
We still have SIO2IDE with SIO PLUGS for Sale. Price is $95 + S&H

Don't Miss Out !!!

CF card with CF2IDE adapter are not included !!!

 This is short presentation how SIO2IDE works in practice

  Booting SIO2IDE with CF card attached  

If you are interested to buy this device please use PayPal shopping cart located below. All devices presented in this store are made-to-order so please allow up to 3 weeks for build, test and deliver it to you (shipping time depend on shipping address). All our devices will be send to you by Post. H&S to whole world cost only $10 !!!!

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